Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Robux free?
  2. Yes, Robux can be generated for free by completing the offers available here or referring your friends. You may also get it through giveaways.

  3. Will I still get Robux if I provide the wrong username?
  4. No, providing a wrong username will never help you get Robux

  5. Do I have to verify my Roblox Ranks to start earning points?
  6. Yes, after registering with Roblox Ranks you have to verify the account. You will receive an Email where you'll find the verification link.

  7. Will refer and earn work just by making them register on this site?
  8. No, once the person that you refer start completing the offers you will gain half of the points that they make as a commission.

  9. Do I have to pay to get Robux on my Roblox account?
  10. Roblox Ranks is a free Robux generating website. We do not ask for money.

  11. Does it have Human verification?
  12. No Human Verification will be imposed on the users. You can directly complete the offers and get more points instantly.

  13. Am afraid to give out my Roblox username. Will it be hacked?
  14. No, Giving out your username doesn't mean that you've given all the information access your account. We have an encrypted database system which no third party can hack it.

  15. Is this free Robux Generator legit?
  16. Of course, you can compare with the normal generators which usually cheat you without giving out any trust and waste your time. Roblox Ranks is entirely Legit.

  17. How long will it take for the Robux to reach my Roblox account?
  18. If the server is not busy you will get it in a few minutes. But unfortunately, people from all over the world will be trying it. Hence it might take a few hours.

  19. Will I still get points if I don't complete the offers and get back to the account?
  20. No, without completing the offers there is no chance of earning points on your account which will never help you get Robux.


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